Forcen Inc.

209 Victoria St.
Toronto, Ontario, M5B 1T8
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1 (647) 479-8806

Forcen Inc. provides sensitive, precise & real-time force-sensing in: manufacturing, surgical robotics, industrial robotics & aerospace/defense.

Our patented paper-thin ‘force-sensing film technology’ ForceFilmTM can be laminated onto any stiff structure (with uniform or complex geometry) to indirectly sense the forces applied; by measuring the deformation of the structure itself.

We measure strains in the underlying structure with a force resolution of, as little as, 10mN in 6 degrees-of-freedom. We are noise-immune & can transmit the multi-dimensional force readings in real-time at 153 kHz.

Applications & Technologies:  Surgical Robotics

Industries:  Aerospace, Manufacturing