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A new approach to hazard controls at work

Most of us are familiar with the traditional hierarchy of controls, an internationally recognized approach for identifying solutions to workplace hazards. Wagish Yajaman, WSPS’ Manager, Specialty Services, proposes a version that could generate more effective solutions and make it more understandable, accessible and actionable for all workplace parties.

The most common version is an inverted pyramid, with what is considered the most effective solution at the top and least effective at the bottom:

  • Elimination – removing the hazard
  • Substitution – replacing the hazard with a safer alternative
  • Engineering controls – isolating the hazard away from people
  • Administrative controls – changing or reorganizing the way people work
  • PPE – limiting exposure by providing personal protective equipment

Read more HERE: https://www.wsps.ca/resource-hub/articles/a-new-approach-to-hazard-controls-at-work