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Join Automate Canada

Join Automate Canada

Membership Rates**

o   Automate Canada Membership                                           $1,950.00

o   Automate Canada Membership (less                                   $1,000.00

       than 10 employees)

o   Automate Canada start up Membership (5 or                        $500.00

       Less employees)    

o   Non-Profit, Education Institution                                           $900.00

o   Sponsorship                                                                        $5000.00

o   Sponsorship/Membership                                                     $5000.00 + 50% off selected membership

**Please note: All prices are subject to 13% HST.

Due to the impact on COVID we are offering the option to pay in one payment or quarterly payments, with either a credit card for automatic payments or with post-dated checks.

Please contact Automate Canada at [email protected] OR 519-818-8866.