Why join Automate Canada?

Why join Automate Canada?

Why join Automate Canada?

Canada has a global reputation as a hub for innovation in manufacturing automation. Automate Canada is dedicated to keeping our members up-to-date on industry related news, activities and legislation. As a member of Automate Canada, you become part of an informative community of industry professionals.

Automate Canada is a national association, representing industrial automation companies, service providers and suppliers.


Your membership with us brings numerous benefits, including:

Stay Informed: Access to the latest industry news, trends, and developments through our newsletters, magazines, and announcements.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow professionals, thought leaders, and experts in your field, fostering valuable relationships and information sharing.

Professional Development: Attend webinars and other events that offer insights and knowledge to advance your skills and expertise.

Advocacy: Be part of a community that advocates for your industry’s growth and wellbeing, making your voice heard.

Resources: Access premium resources, tools, and research materials tailored to your professional needs.

Discounts: Enjoy special member-only discounts.

Trade Show Representation: We attend trade shows and represent our member companies. We also bring back leads and information.

Education and training.
  • Webinars on a number of industry related topics.
  • Training sessions.
  • Skill and Talent Development.
  • Advocates to all levels of government – Federal, Provincial, Municipal and International.
  • Exposure to Trade Commissioners.
  • Exposure to Industry Canada.
  • Committee development and participation to advocate for various areas, issues or concerns of the industry.
Events and networking.
  • Incoming and outgoing trade missions.
  • OEM Tech/supplier days.
  • EDC, BDC connections.
  • Canadian pavilion at international shows.
  • Opportunity alerts.
  • Exhibiting opportunities.
Members only advantages.
  • Opportunity alerts.
  • Funding and support connections.
  • Sponsorships
  • Partnership opportunities.
  • Business-to-business networking opportunities.
  • Member pricing for events.
  • Discounts.
  • Website exposure.
  • FREE ad in our capabilities directory.
  • Social media exposure.
  • Exhibiting opportunities.
  • Annual directory distributed internationally.
  • Advertising discounts with Manufacturing Automation magazine, our media partner.
  • Media referrals.
Market Research and Surveys.
  • Participation in industry surveys.
  • Market research reports.
  • Participation in government research to make a positive impact on industry and policy.
  • Input in post-secondary curriculum.
Industry News.
  • Up-to-date industry news.
  • Newsletter.
  • Information on the latest funding opportunities.
  • Subscription to Plastic News & Auto News.

About Automate Canada

Our mandate is to:

  • Promote and develop the global exposure of the Canadian industrial automation industry
  • Be the voice of our industry to all levels of government. AC will focus on trade discussions regarding     NAFTA/USMCA,CETA, Canada-Mercosur, TPP as well as on intellectual property, research & development & commercialization issues
  • Encourage the development and adoption of technology in the manufacturing sector as a whole as well as in the industrial
  • Automation industry, and in partnership with post-secondary educational institutions
  • Develop the next generation of highly skilled personnel through youth-focused initiatives
  • Assist small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in the industrial automation industry to grow their businesses locally and globally
  • Be committed to working with other organizations and associations to build global relationships
  • Assist members to identify opportunities for export
  • Invest in market research and industry research in order to identify emerging issues and trends affecting our industry and to target growing markets
  • Support Canadian SMEs in their path to prosperity, increased competitiveness and improved capacity domestically as well as in the international marketplace
  • Showcase our industry’s capabilities and strengths on a domestic and global stage through a range of direct activities & materials, like printed & digital directories, online presence, trade shows, B2B meetings and site visits

For more information please contact Automate Canada at [email protected] or 519-818-8866.