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6 days ago

Automate Canada
Shelley Fellows, Jonathon Azzopardi Great meeting today with @ShannonStubbsMP, Shadow Minister for Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness! She was very impressed with the efforts & our ask for a fair solution for border crossing issues affecting #essentialworkers Shelley Fellows, Jonathon Azzopardi, Canadian Assoc of Moldmakers ...
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RT @Lavaltool: We are searching for local restaurants that would like to team up with LAVAL to support our luncheons we provide employees.…
3 days

"This industry has gone above and beyond to ensure safe workplaces: of the 17,333 cases in Ontario workplaces, only…
2 weeks

"I understand that this is not even a case of people who are crossing the border on a regular basis but instead are…
2 weeks

"I understand this industry is well aware of the need to follow protocols and best practices, wear masks and other…
2 weeks

"Globally we need to ensure the people who "make things to make things" are not forgotten in our response to this v…
2 weeks

Thank you @drewdilkens - We know you understand how vital our essential workers are to this city! "I am in suppo…
2 weeks