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Automate Canada: A Year in Review

Reflecting on 2023

As we approach the end of 2023, it’s a time for reflection on our achievements over the past year and setting our sights on even greater goals for 2024.

This year has been marked by a whirlwind of activities, notably our active involvement in various industry events. From the thought-provoking Emerging Technologies in Automation conference to our engagement at Automate 2023 and the Advanced Design and Manufacturing Show, we’ve promoted our members, fostered connections, forged partnerships, and expanded our network. On the road, we proudly represented Canadian industrial automation, making valuable connections and acquainting ourselves with new friends along the way.

June 2023 marked a pivotal moment during our Annual General Meeting as we introduced Dave Fortin, President of Datarealm, as our new Board Chair. Dave’s dedicated efforts not only saw a substantial increase in our membership but also included the successful hosting of Automate Canada’s inaugural independent event – an EV Battery Cell Seminar. Drawing over 100 participants, this event was a monumental stride for our association. We want to extend our thanks to Dave’s team, including Sam Coggans, HR and Marketing Strategist at Datarealm,  Mahdi Alidadi, Controls and Automation Engineer at Datarealm and Charlotte Fortin, Social Media Manager.

In the beginning of the year, we facilitated “Member Speak Up” Roundtable discussions, led by  Shelley Fellows, past-chair of Automate Canada. These sessions served as platforms for crucial conversations, on topics like government funding. They allowed us to glean insights, understand member needs, and ensure our association’s effectiveness.

Collaborative ventures with CAMM and BDC proved immensely beneficial, offering our member companies valuable insights into funding opportunities, economic forecasts, and strategies businesses can use to be prepared for the future. These sessions with BDC will continue quarterly and will be a cornerstone of our collaboration in 2024.

Our participation in events like the Skills Ontario LevelUp event, in Lasalle, and Manufacturing Day, alongside Invest Windsor-Essex and Workforce Windsor-Essex, showcased our commitment to engaging with youth and promoting careers in advanced manufacturing and robotics. These initiatives allowed us to captivate young minds and ignite enthusiasm for our industry’s possibilities.

Looking ahead to 2024

We’ve charted an ambitious course for the upcoming year, planning to host four additional EV Battery Cell Seminars across Ontario. These sessions are poised to bolster our association’s growth and extend our members’ reach to a broader audience.

In June 2024, we eagerly anticipate a collaborative event with Manufacturing Automation in London, Ontario – a leadership conference designed to offer our members unparalleled opportunities for business growth, exposure, and knowledge enhancement.

Moreover, Automate Canada is poised to unveil a new Strategic Plan in 2024, encapsulating our mission: SHARE, LEARN, GROW, ADVOCATE. This plan underscores our commitment to knowledge exchange, mutual growth, and unwavering advocacy for our members’ interests. We strive to ensure their voices are heard and represented in decisions that shape their businesses and industry.

One of our key objectives remains membership growth. With sustained growth, Automate Canada aims to better serve and advocate for our members, fostering larger events that bring together diverse companies, opportunities, and insights. We invite you, our esteemed members, sponsors, and partners, to join us in this shared goal. If you know of companies that would benefit from membership or have suggestions for further enhancing our offerings, we’re eager to hear from you.

We owe our success to YOU – our dedicated members, partners, and sponsors. Your unwavering support fuels our community, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude.

Special thanks also goes to our Board of Directors, who volunteer their time and expertise that drives our association forward.

Here’s to an exceptional 2024! Wishing you joyous holidays and a prosperous New Year! We eagerly anticipate our continued journey together.

If you have thoughts or ideas for 2024 or wish to join us as a member or sponsor, please reach out to:

[email protected].