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Career-Ready with CTMA

An Experiential Work Placement Program for the Machine, Tool, Die, Mould and Automation Sector
The CTMA is pleased to announce our Career-Ready program, which brings together employers and students, has been extended for another year.
Manufacturers that contribute to the automotive supply chain can receive $3,000 to $15,000 per candidate hired for skilled manufacturing roles. Multiple, consecutive placements are permitted.
What is Career-Ready?   This successful program was designed to help close the trades gap in the Machine, Tool, Die, Mould and Automation (MTDMA) sector in support of the auto manufacturing industry. The goal is to provide participants with real-world experience that improves their employability by building their knowledge and skills, while also supporting employers by contributing to the cost of hiring.   Career-Ready is beneficial for employers seeking to fill positions relevant to the automotive industry, as well as students looking for placements to gain practical workplace skills and experience.   Career-Ready will provide up to 240 Experiential Work Placements for co-op students, recent graduates and/or new apprentices, from Ontario’s publicly-assisted post-secondary institutions. Work placements will run from 10 to 16 weeks and consecutive placements are permitted within the program’s timeframe.   EMPLOYERS: Eligible employers will receive $3,000 in funding for each work placement, to assist with the cost of hiring co-op students, recent graduates and apprentices, or $5,000 for candidates with a self-identified disability.Employers can receive funding for up to 12 candidates.Hire from a pool of candidates and recent graduates who want to embark on a career in, or supporting, the auto manufacturing sector.You will be required to follow a list of industry-specific Technical Learning Outcomes (TLOs) and monitoring visits will be conducted during the work placements.Pay each candidate an hourly wage (at least $14/hour) for the 10 to 16 weeks of the work placement.Upon successful completion, employers may offer permanent employment to their candidate(s).   CO-OP STUDENTS, RECENT GRADUATES & NEW APPRENTICES: Gain practical workplace skills and experience that will help launch your future career.You will work alongside experienced tradespeople, skilled workers and other professionals who will provide you with an opportunity to gain real-world skills and knowledge.You will be paid an hourly wage (at least $14/hour) for the duration of your full-time Experiential Work Placement.Upon successful completion, you may be offered permanent employment by your host employer.   Help train the next generation of workers. For more information, visit ctma.com.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Get Career-Ready with CTMA!   Apply now: https://www.ctma.com/career-ready