AIS Tech Group

5215 Walker Rd.
Windsor, Ontario, N9A 6J3
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AIS Technologies Group is the trusted industry experts in providing innovative manufacturing technologies and offer advanced knowledge of both vision, control systems, and software development. Our commitment to customers is to provide value add in every turn of the manufacturing process with improved product quality, increase productivity, offer flexibility, and deliver higher return on the investment. With a passion for problem-solving, the manufacturing process experts at AIS Technologies Group deliver best in class technology-based solutions for Error Proofing, Quality Inspection, Assembly Systems, Fascia, Exterior Trim, Lighting, Part traceability, combining the machine vision, advanced robotics and controls, assembly automation and custom software

Applications & Technologies:  Assembly Systems, CAD Services, CNC Programming, Collaborative Robotics, Control Systems Retrofit, Custom Automation, Digital Twin, Electrical Design, error proofing, exterior trim, Machine Vision, Material Handling, Mechanical Design, Panel Build, PLC Programming, quality inspection, Robotic Machine Tending, Safety Design (PHSR), Simulation, Software Development, Systems Integration, Variable Frequency Drive, Virtual Commissioning, Vision-Guided Robotics

Industries:  Aerospace, Agriculture, Automotive, Food & Beverage, Injection Molding, Manufacturing, Metal Forming/Stamping