With decades of experience, Mirka is a world leader in surface finishing technology. Mirka offers a wide range of solutions for surface finishing and precision sanding. We specialize in total solutions in which the abrasives are supplemented by our innovatively designed machines and polishing compounds.

The Mirka Automation solution is used by clients all around the world in all kinds of robotic sanding applications. With the Mirka® Automation range, you can control your sanding process, increase efficiency, and get consistent quality. Mirka robotic sanding heads are best paired with quality Mirka abrasives for optimal sanding results. Mirka robotic sanding heads can be fitted to most robot arms on the market. Compact and lightweight, they are specifically designed for robot sanding and built for continuous use, suitable to mounting on low payload robot arms. 

Applications: Any Robotic/automation Sanding and Polishing applications.

Industries: Aerospace, Wood, Composite, Automotive, Manufacturing, Metal, and many other different manufacturing industries where sanding and/or polishing is needed.

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