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E-Petition for Fair Border

Petition to the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness



  • Those who export their advanced manufacturing products and services to the United States are deemed as essential by the provinces and not the federal government;
  • They must meet their contractual obligations, including the provisions of products with people, their employees and their U.S. customers;
  • They have best in class COVID-19 prevention programs and performance; and
  • Windsor-Essex has over 1000 related manufacturers and thousands with U.S. work visas, which generate over $3.3B and $1B in GDP respectively with 80% exported to the U.S., that are currently at risk.

We, the undersigned, the citizens and the advanced manufacturing sector of Windsor-Essex and Canada, call upon the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness to: 1. Permit those who have legal access into the U.S. and Canada for the purposes of essential business and those who are deemed “essential workers” as part of their respective provincial legislation to be: (a) Exempt from any quarantine action upon entry or re-entry into Canada on any frequency (regularly or intermittently) while meeting the following conditions: (i) agreeing to self-monitor and follow all Health Canada, provincial and local health unit guidelines and requirements for essential workers, (ii) receiving a negative rapid test result at the port of entry, or by having a valid Health Canada-approved COVID-19 vaccination (administered in Canada or the U.S.); (b) Subject to quarantine with an adequate plan only when: (i) receiving a positive quick test result at the port of entry, (ii) receiving a positive PCR test result; 2. Ensure that any costs associated with rapid testing at the port of entry be borne by Canada, and that an appeal provision be provided at the point of entry for any disputes.