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Exclusive Deal From GaiaDigits

We are providing GaiaScreen Application with no charge right now. GaiaScreen is a health screening and reporting tool for businesses during the COVID19 pandemic.  Employees can self-assess with customized and relevant questions and report the information instantly to their managers. With that information, mangers can remind the people with relevant symptoms of self-isolation and adjust work shifts accordingly.

  • This application can help provide a safer and healthier workplace for business who are preparing for reopen

GaiaScreen registration link: https://www.gaiadigits.com/gaiascreen/

In addition to GaiaScreen, we also offer Gaia WFM Suite, including Time & Attendance, Smart Scheduler, Workforce Analytics, Core HR and Workforce Mobile. CAMM and Automate Canada members can receive 50% off! Here are some benefits of our solutions:

  • Reduce 20% OT cost
  • Improve 60% staff satisfaction
  • Reduce 90% attendance calculation time
  • Avoid 99% compliance risks
  • Improve operation efficiency

Website link: https://www.gaiadigits.com/

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