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February Member of the Month

We are pleased to announce our February Member Spotlight – SolidCAD and Robert Kobielski. 

SolidCAD recently released new technology that allows users to create their own automated CAM programming process without coding knowledge.

They also recently held a webinar to showcase their new tech, a segment of which can be viewed HERE,  and the MAKE Productivity brochure can be viewed below.

I had the pleasure of asking Robert a few questions.

1.  What are your goals for 2022? 

My goal this year is to address any fear and misunderstanding regarding the trend towards automation. In CAM programming and CNC machining, automation can increase throughput as well as the value of a skilled work person. I plan to provide clarity to businesses and skilled workers by highlighting the latest technologies that can optimize their processes and increase their autonomy.

2. What are you most proud of in 2021?

I am most proud of the influence the SolidCAD team has brought to the Canadian CAD/CAM industry.  From being named Autodesk’s “Top Services Delivery Partner Worldwide” to the release of our automated solution “MAKE Productivity for PowerMill” we had positive energy that propelled us into 2022.

3. What is a fun fact about YOU?

In golf, I have a wishful sense of outcome off the tee. I lose plenty of golf balls, but finding those great shots keep me coming back. Professionally, the wishfulness becomes ambition and I still don’t let the setbacks overshadow the wins.

4. What are 3 things people should know about SolidCAD?

  • SolidCAD specializes in technology that supports multiple industries including Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Civil Infrastructure, and Manufacturing.
  • Our team of programmers and industry experts develop some of the greatest add-ons and toolkits to help maximize your workflow and get the most out of your software solution.
  • SolidCAD provides one of the largest selections of software across Canada. Our offerings include products from Autodesk, Bluebeam, FluidFlow, CTC Software, and Lumion; and our custom products include the web-based modeling configurator Variant, and MAKE Productivity.

5. Can you give a brief history of SolidCAD?

For 25 years, SolidCAD has operated as one of the leading Autodesk Platinum Partners in Ontario. In 2017, SolidCAD and Cansel came together to form one national operation, newly branded as SolidCAD, a Cansel Company. Today we are the single largest Autodesk Platinum Partner in Canada.

6. What is your background in industry?

I had always enjoyed computer-aided design classes throughout high school and while at St. Clair College; this is why I first joined the industry. I was fortunate enough to start as an apprentice and complete my certification as a 429A machinist. Since then, I have held a variety of roles in CAD/CAM support, consultation, sales, mentoring, and education.

7. What is something people may not know about the automation industry?

Bringing automation into your manufacturing process does not mean that a skilled workforce is no longer necessary. In fact, the skilled persons find themselves more engaged in skillful work. By automating repetitive and mundane tasks, the focus shifts to key decision making and optimizing throughput.