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FIRST Robotics – Looking for Judges

Due to restrictions and consolidation of events, Windsor and North Bay are a combined event.  Windsor will welcome up to 18 teams for a one day competition on Saturday April 2nd and North Bay will do the same on Sunday the April 3rd.   The awards will be shared between our two events.   All of the other events are two, single day events for 18 teams as well – with the awards being shared.  All events will have limited team members on site and very few if any spectators.  

Most of the Judging will be done virtually over a couple of evenings just prior to the event with awards being done virtually a couple of days after the event.  There is also an opportunity to visit the event if you like.   Certainly none of this is ideal and we hope to return to normal events next year.  In the mean time we wanted to provide an opportunity for teams to at least be able to complete a robot and compete at two events.   

There is a QR code in the attached flyer and it will take you to the same location as the link below.  It provides the dates for the various events as well as the associated judging activities.   Although my primary concern as Chair of the Windsor event is recruiting for our event I encourage you to consider participating in other events.   Fill out the on line form and you will be contacted to help with the rest of the process.  


Thank you so much for your consideration and commitment to FIRST Robotics – we could not do it without the help of so many like you.   For those of you not too familiar with FIRST I have attached links to a few videos below. 

This isn’t a robot  – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igR409sJly0

Morgan Freeman on FIRSThttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1QyM9WTF18

Recap video 2019 event in Windsor – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juKqVyY2xM4