O-AMP -Ontario Automotive Modernization Program open for Round 2

We hope that you found the Mental Health Works webinar partnered with CMHA helpful in regards to anxiety & stress. Below you will find added resources and the slide deck that was discussed.Making-Mental-Health-Work-Listening-for-Understanding-ENDownloadMHW-Stress-Anxiety-1hrDownloadsupporting-a-co-worker-guideDownloadTips-for-MH-Handout-with-Coordinated-Access-infoDownload

If you require any other specific resources please don’t hesitate to contact CMHAWECB to explore further training opportunities. Below are two helpful websites mentioned from the webinar that can be shared with staff.

Employer Support Matrix!

This matix will help businesses understand how to utilize and navigate grants and contributions offered by governments.

The Windsor-Essex (WE) Virtual Reality CAVE

The Windsor-Essex (WE) Virtual Reality CAVE, located in Windsor, Ontario, is an immersive and active virtual reality environment integrated with state-of-the-art hardware and software.

The facility serves as a teaching, training and research tool for the Windsor-Essex Region and beyond, designed to support Connected and Autonomous Vehicle development.