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Impact Survey Week 7 Now Open!!

WK 7 COVID-19 Impact Survey

It’s time for the weekly survey from CAMM and Automate Canada, along with our partners at CTMA.  What did we learn last week?

Return to work guidelines are a main focus for the next 90 days – and we are here to assist and provide some links to help.  

We would also encourage sharing of info about accessing PPE which is a need for many essential workplaces, including manufacturing.  

Preparing for new health & safety standards in the workplace is important.   

Of concern is that 43% of workplaces report not having sufficient personal protective equipment (PPE) specific to the prevention of virus spread.  With a ramp up rapidly approaching and workplace safety practices & requirement changing daily, planning for this is underway.

 This week’s survey will focus on the data to help us AND the  Government see a clearer picture of the next 90 days and beyond.

 PLEASE take a 5 minute coffee break and fill out this week’s survey  WK 7 COVID-19 Impact Survey

Thank you for input and helping us with this important data so we can begin to help you plan the next 90 days.

Some links to info about Back to Work Guidelines  Click for Back to work Guidelines

Ontario government Back to Work guidelines  click here

Lear Document  click here for Lear Document on Back to work guidelines