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May Member of the Month – Douglas Sartori and Parallel 42 Systems

We are pleased to name Douglas Sartori and Parallel 42 Systems as our May member of the month.  Douglas was recently named “Tech Mentor of the Year” by WE-Tech Alliance and after speaking with him,  I can see why. He is dedicated to his work and is passionate about being a mentor to tech workers. 

Parallel 42 Systems are a partnership of software practitioners in Windsor, Ontario. Since 2013, they have been servicing large and small businesses, across industries, in consulting and software development. Part of the Autodesk Developer Network, Parallel 42 Systems offer a variety of services including training (from end-user to system administrators), software specialization and ODOO (open source EPR and CRM software) development and deployment.

Douglas has been in the tech industry since 2001. He truly wants to make the community better and was part of the group that founded “Windsor Hackforge”, a registered non-profit in technology. Windsor Hackforge’s vision statement is “Hackforge is the key catalyst of a thriving, tech-empowered Windsor” and their mission statement is “Hackforge is technology enthusiasts growing the tech capabilities of our region by creating connections and learning together”.  Find out more about Windsor Hackforge HERE In collaboration with Parallel 42 Systems, Hackforge and the City of Windsor, Douglas has taken part in the creation of C3Tech, a regional initiative bringing together local tech and cycling communities. C3Tech will be holding many events in 2022 that will include learning, networking, and community-building opportunities for people of all ages and experience levels.  Find out more about C3Tech HERE

When asked what tips he would give to someone just starting out in the tech industry, Douglas responded “curiosity is important for a long career and never stop looking for better ways, especially in Windsor-Essex and small teams. Always look for ways to deepen your knowledge outside of the workplace. That is what Hackforge is for, to grow skills out of work and to learn and network.”

I asked Douglas how he defines success, and he responded “by finding ways to help people, not being the biggest but the most efficient to clients. Building connections and doing the work better leads to feeling good and successful”.

After meeting with Douglas it is clear to see why he was named the Tech Mentor of the Year. The dedication to helping others in the tech community shines through and you can hear it in the way he describes his work. He was very modest about the award and said it is nice to be recognized, but it is not why he does the work he does.

It was a pleasure meeting with Douglas Sartori and Parallel 42 Systems.