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National Labour Market Information Study

BioTalent Canada’s series of labour market intelligence (LMI) reports, Close-up on the bio-economy, aims to provide the perspective bio-economy organizations need to find, recruit, train and retain talented teams based on real, meaningful understanding of the labour market.

The project includes eight reports, each focusing on a specific Canadian region. Find a link to each report below: 

national report is also available, highlighting recommendations to address the needs of the bio-economy in the next decade, including:

  • Diversify the recruitment pool within the bio-economy, including through wage subsidies to hire newcomers and international students.
  • Support reskilling initiatives to recruit talent from adjacent sectors and from outside traditional fields of study.
  • Improve succession planning to enable workers within the bio-economy to transition into senior leadership roles, which are often difficult to hire for and will see greater vacancies as older workers retire.
  • Develop incentives for graduates in relevant fields to consider and accept positions beyond the region where they studied.

Access study results HERE: https://www.biotalent.ca/national-labour-market-information-study/