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New land border measures viewed as a sign of optimism for manufacturing sector

WINDSOR, ONT. — Windsor’s mayor hopes moving forward, there will be no new barriers created for trade and commerce after the federal government announced further border restrictions. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Tuesday a negative COVID-19 test will be needed for those entering Canada’s land borders. The latest measure will start Feb. 15, with the hopes of keeping COVID from spreading within the country from those who travel.

“While this will be an additional layer of complexity and frustration for travelers, we already know that traffic across our crossings here in Windsor – the bridge and the tunnel are almost exclusively limited to essential workers and truck traffic associated with commerce,” Mayor Drew Dilkens told CTV News in an email.

Chairman of the Canadian Association of Mold Makers Jonathan Azzopardi says the new requirements will create some issues, but they support options that allow people to move across the border.

“We’re not afraid to meet those restrictions,” he says. “So, yes. It’s going to create issues, don’t get me wrong it’s gonna be one more step we have to do but if that step ensures being able to move people across the border freely we’re all for it. We support it.”