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NGen launches new $35M fund to support Canada’s EV value chain

Next Generation Manufacturing Canada (NGen) announced $35 million in funding and launched a new call for project proposals targeting the entire value chain of road-based battery and fuel-cell electric vehicles and their respective systems and components.

NGen’s new strategic challenge is aimed at addressing innovation challenges of the EV industry. It will build on the success of the initiative launched in 2021 when the organization funded over $76M worth of business-led collaborative projects in support of building capabilities in Canada’s EV value chain.

“Collaboration and advanced manufacturing are key to developing world-class Electric Vehicle value chains that prioritize innovation, sustainability, and affordability. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we can create a Canadian network of EV manufacturing that is second to none, paving the way for the future of transportation,” says John Laughlin, CTO of NGen.

NGen explains in a press statement that recent investments in the EV sector are providing new innovation and business opportunities for Canada’s automotive parts suppliers, technology companies and other manufacturers. However, new products, technologies and supply chain relationships will need to be built for Canada to realize the full potential of these investments.

NGen’s new funding program will target the capabilities that Canadian companies will require in order to develop a world-leading EV supply base and ecosystem in Canada – one that will anchor investments here and support further investment and skills development in the future.

NGen is accepting expressions of interest from its members until October 11, 2023. Further details about eligibility, deadlines, resources, workshops and more are available here.

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