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NGen’s 2021-22 Additive manufacturing demonstration program

NGen completed its first year managing the Additive Manufacturing (AM) Demonstration program under an NRC IRAP funded program. Launched in June 2021, NGen engaged with more than 100 companies, primarily SMEs, from across Canada and completed 54 AM projects.

The AM demo program is designed to help Canadian companies learn about the transformative potential of AM, and de-risk early trials of this exciting technology. The goal of this program is to create awareness and encourage the adoption of AM technology, and to reinforce Canada’s AM supply chain, thus improving Canada’s manufacturing and exporting sectors and our global competitiveness.
Additive manufacturing expertise and know-how is not widely available in Canada. The limited knowledge and experience base has slowed the adoption of this essential technology by many companies that could potentially benefit from AM deployment, particularly in the aerospace, medical and automotive sectors. In addition, some companies have AM capabilities but lack the accreditation to do the work, while other companies have the accreditation but little to no AM expertise.

Find more information HERE: https://www.ngen.ca/insights/ngens-2021-22-additive-manufacturing-demonstration-program