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Safeguarding and robots: CSA standards update

A draft version of the next CSA Z432 – Safeguarding of Machinery standard is now available for public review. These reviews typically last 60 days. For CSA Z432, the deadline for comments is May 9.

The document has been restructured and updated to support continued alignment with applicable ISO and ANSI standards, explains Michael Wilson, WSPS Specialized Services Lead and a member of the Z432 standard’s technical committee. “The changes will help end users put this standard to good use.”

An updated version of CSA Z434 – Industrial robots and robot systems is expected by the end of 2022. “With a greater emphasis on collaborative robots, the standard will address a lot of gaps and questions,” says Robert Vomiero, WSPS Specialized Services Lead. Robert sits on the CSA Technical Committee for Z434 and on the Canadian mirror committee for the ISO 10218 standard.

Find out more about the standards HERE: https://www.wsps.ca/resource-hub/articles/safeguarding-and-robots-csa-standards-update