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Struck-by safety inspections begin May 1: 4 tips to prepare

A lift truck operating in reverse strikes an unsuspecting pedestrian, a transport truck backs up to a loading dock and pins a worker against the wall, a pedestrian walking outside in the yard without high visibility clothing is struck by a driver during low light conditions; these are just three examples of incidents involving employees struck by vehicles and mobile equipment that are moving or reversing.

Struck-by hazards are the subject of a Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development compliance initiative taking place from May 1 to June 30, 2022.

“The main focus of this cross-sector initiative is likely to be on the safe operation of vehicles and mobile equipment, and the prevention of struck-by injuries,” says Norm Kramer, WSPS Warehouse & Distribution Specialist. This cross-sector initiative could send inspectors into warehouses and distribution centres, manufacturing facilities, big box stores, convention centres, and any other workplace with active storage, shipping and receiving areas and loading docks. These inspectors have the power to issue orders or bring work to a halt.

Vehicles or mobile equipment that move materials in the workplace include walkie riders, manual pallet jacks, electric pallet jacks, lift trucks, cranes, and trucks in outside yards, says Norm. Typically, incidents occur because of limited visibility, distraction, loss of control, inadequate separation of pedestrians and mobile equipment, narrow aisles, and lack of training and enforcement.

“A traffic management and pedestrian safety plan can help protect employers and workers from incidents inside and outside of the workplace, by establishing traffic routes and rules, maximizing visibility, adding markings and signage, providing training and enforcement, and more.”

Find out more HERE: https://www.wsps.ca/resource-hub/articles/struck-by-safety-inspections-begin-may-1-4-tips-to-prepare