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We Are Back! Impact Survey Week 9

After a 4-week break from our surveys, we are back. Week 9 SURVEY – please share

We want to help you not only survive, but thrive.

The data from the surveys has made a difference getting government attention, garnering public attention and for sure assisting us with short and long term planning.

Many manufacturers are ramped back up, which means you & your company are flat out, coping with new health & safety protocols, safely bringing employees back into the workplace and continuing to struggle with cash flow. 

We need to understand the specifics of the impact, so we can to assist and represent you to help influence policies & programs and supply you with the information you need.

Thank you for your support for this important survey and a special thanks to everyone who took the time to help CAMM and Automate Canada with the first 8 weeks of our COVID-19 Impact surveys. 

The survey will take only a short time out of your day but could pay big dividends long term.

We are listening.  We are taking action.