Ro-Matt International Inc.

3955 Del Duca Drive
Oldcastle, Ontario, N0R1L0

Ro-Matt International is a world class designer and builder of Customized Equipment and Machinery.

When your equipment needs servicing, you can also look to Ro-Matt International to take care of your maintenance needs. We offer rebuilding and repair of your equipment as well as re-engineering services, to upgrade controls, tooling or the configuration of the machinery in order for you to produce new products on existing equipment.

Applications & Technologies:  Assembly Systems, Collaborative Robotics, Control Systems Retrofit, Custom Automation, Electrical Design, Installation Services, Laser Cutting, Laser Welding, Machine Vision, Material Handling, Mechanical Design, Panel Build, PLC Programming, Robotic Machine Tending, Safety Design (PHSR), Simulation, Systems Integration, Variable Frequency Drive, Vision-Guided Robotics

Industries:  Aerospace, Agriculture, Automotive, Casting, Construction, Energy, Food & Beverage, Forestry, Injection Molding, Manufacturing, Metal Forming/Stamping, Mining, Water/Waste Water