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Survey Results – Over 800 jobs identified for Ukrainian refugees

CAMM, along with Automate Canada, CTMA, and the Niagara Industrial Association, worked together on a survey to identify member companies willing to provide employment or other humanitarian assistance, immediately, to Ukrainian refugees.

As noted in the below press release, close to 800 jobs, from more than 60 member companies, in the precision metalworking industry have been identified for refugees. Most of the available positions are high paying, permanent, skilled jobs. Companies are willing to hire a translator, due to the language barrier, or work with other services to resolve this issue. Many companies already have Ukrainian speaking staff.

Most of the positions available are in southern Ontario, from Windsor, to Niagara, to Toronto.

CAMM and Automate Canada want to express our appreciation for your quick responses to the survey. The information collected has been distributed to Provincial and Federal government contacts, including Hon. Monte McNaughton, Minister of Labour, Training & Skills development. 

The report can also be found here.